Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Thoughts/ramblings on life and love...

Have you ever loved someone so much that you'll forgive and forget anything? The kind of all consuming love that when you think of the possibility of losing it, you can’t breathe? ...

What is that saying? That the only guarantees in life are death and taxes. How depressing is that? If you had the chance to choose any guarantee in life, what would you choose? Endless wealth, lifelong health?  Without hesitation I would choose love.
I know, sappy. But, in my life I have been very lucky. I have seen my share of wealth, been extremely luck with health and been even luckier in love. No, not all that has panned out the way I thought it would. The money ran out, my health is sometimes questionable and love, well, as does anyone, I have to work at it.
But in my opinion, experiences in life aren’t near as enjoyable if you don’t have someone to share them with. I’m not just talking about romantic love; it can be the love of family, or friends. When you get a promotion at work, reach a goal, or even win at the casino, don’t you want someone to share in the happiness with?
I can’t imagine myself without the love that now surrounds me. When I published my first short story, the first person I told was my Love. I wanted them to see that through their support I had been able to find the courage to realize my dream.
Five years is a long time to love someone. With any relationship, you make concessions and compromises. You have ups and downs, and we’ve had our share. But at what point does a person decide the ups aren’t good enough to deal with the downs?
And now, as we and others around us take a closer look into relationships, I find even the bad times aren’t worth giving up for. Because I have that kind of love. The best of friends turned lover, unconditional, all consuming, live for their smile, share everything with, best sex in the world, love.
Five days away from five years and I definitely want to fight for five more.

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