Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Granny. Can you hear me?

God, how I wish you were here. You always had the best advice, the softest shoulder to cry on, the prettiest smile to cheer me up. The last time I was in a situation like this, you were their for me, like always. I know I can talk to you now, that you can hear me, I know you feel my pain. But I need more.

Just this once I want to wish for a miracle. Just this once I'd love to feel your strength and courage wrapped around me in the form of the most amazing hug. What would you tell me to do this time? When all seems lost and my soul is breaking, what words would be balm to the pain?

I know my wish will not be granted.

I'm so lost. I feel as if night has fallen and there is no daylight in sight. All I need to find my way is a flashlight, a candle, the sound of a heart the beats only for me. So I know, that I'm destined to hover in the darkness alone...

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