Friday, September 16, 2011


So, I just finished Lori Foster's Trace of Fever, and I loved it! She is an amazing author and I aspire to be even half as good at my craft as she is at hers.
Her books leave me feeling happy and content, however, they make me think. I consider myself a realist, but I can't help wonder if what I love to read and write are effecting my view on reality...

When I think of how I view relationships, I wonder if I have it all wrong. Will my desire to have, what I view as romance in a relationship, effect my judgment on that relationship? What if the person I get with isn't very romantic? Or what if they've expended their desire to be on someone who didn't appreciate it? Will I feel differently about them?

The men in the books I read are meant to be near perfect, I mean, aren't all women looking for the perfect man? Sure, they have flaws, if they didn't I'm sure the reader would see it and not connect as well. But, do men like that actually exist?

The kind that surprise you, spur of the moment, just because. Send you a random text or call or card just to show they were thinking about you. Like to hold your hand or caress your skin, just because they felt the need to touch you; to show you you're loved. The kind that aren't afraid to show affection in public and genuinely care for your feelings.

In my opinion, actions speak louder than words and you do not need to spend a lot of money to show how you really feel.

I know most women who write Romance can do it well because they have the added bonus of a man like that at their side. But how many men actually think to be sweet or romantic without some kind of prompt from their women or a required holiday?

I'm a bit jaded in my young age, I know. I guess I'm just worried that I perpetually have my head in the clouds.

I'm sure most men can be romantic, but honestly, it's not a requirement. It's just a nice thought...