Monday, February 28, 2011

First muttering...

Hi, thanks for checking out my blog and please bare with me as I am very new at this.

A little about me: I'm not funny or witty, so I doubt what you read here will be either. Unless I'm having an off day, then you might be slightly amused. But no guarantees. I consider myself very open minded and non-judgmental. Basically, I'm just your everyday person.

I love to read and write, if I'm not doing one I'm almost definitely doing the other. I'm sure much to the dismay of my love and friends, as I am less social when doing either-- hope that made sense...

Really, I have been writing since I was a teenager- which I'm sure is the same for most writers. Truth be told, a poor attempt at poetry caused by a broken heart started my writing. Although I have always carried a journal or as is normal for most young girls, the oh-so-cherished diary. I'm not going to lie, my young attempts at poetry or 'happily ever after' stories where no good and really just a shy, lonely girls way of trying to make her world a brighter place.

Now, I'm slightly better and have decided to share my attempts with the world. Currently, I write Romance and Erotica under a pen name, I haven't decided whether I want to publish anything under my real name yet or not. I never thought I would take the more 'naughty' route with my writing- I was surely shocked. But I guess in hindsight, growing up with a smutty father, it was bound to happen. =)

Anyway, I live in Missouri and share a house with my three best friends, one of then just happens to sleep in my bed. =) We are all animal lovers and have an obscene amount of them. When they're not driving us crazy, chowing down all our money or covering it in the litter box, they are really great.

My life is pretty boring, if something extraordinary happens I'll make sure to give everyone a reprieve from my whining and share...

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